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Tam Tai fish sauce 30N
Fish sauce made from anchovy Tam Tai fish sauce 30N

Tam Tai fish sauce 30N

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With available natural amino acids, the company's high protein fish sauce (30N, 40N, 45N) is very beneficial for children's meals.

Category: Fish sauce made from anchovy Specifications: Carton of 6 bottles Real volume: 380ml/bottle
Price: Contact
Product Description
With natural amino acids available in the company's high-protein fish sauce (30N, 40N, 45N), it is very beneficial for children's meals.
Main ingredients include: Anchovies; Salt
The company does not use trash fish but only uses anchovies, giving the product a beautiful red color and characteristic aroma.
The quality of fish sauce ensures the correct content on the label and is a real product.
This is a delicious product, suitable for the budget of the majority of Vietnamese people, has double the protein content but the price is only equal to industrial products on the market.
Ensuring food safety and hygiene, no preservative chemicals, no harmful urea.
Trademarks, trademarks, and industrial designs have been exclusively registered at the Intellectual Property Department.
Suitable for the tastes of many people.
This product is suitable for the needs of the majority of consumers, with a reasonable price. This product can be used both raw and cooked.
Used to dip meat, fish, and vegetables
Used for eating raw and processing food
Methods of preservation:
Keep in a dry place, away from sunlight
Close the lid tightly after use.

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Fish sauce production process


Selecting Raw Material Sources

Fresh fish have just been caught and brought on board, quickly going through the cleaning process. Remove impurities and filter to produce pure charcoal anchovies.

U Chuop

The salted fish mixture (also known as chuop) is compressed and stored in wooden barrels. Wooden barrels are placed in a sealed house and fermented using traditional methods for 18-24 months.

Pull Out And Filter

After 18-24 months of meticulous care, drops of amber-colored fish sauce with a clear aftertaste and gentle aroma are drawn through the chutney system to optimize nutrients and flavor. At the same time, it is filtered through a filtration system to ensure the purest quality.

Testing and Bottling

The product is tested before bottling. The glass bottle has a cap design to adjust the pouring amount, bringing convenience to consumers. The entire process is controlled in a closed, standard system

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